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Ever watched a viral video and thought, "I wish I could do that"? with CreatorU, you absolutely can!Whether you're a small business owner or just someone with a smartphone and a dream, our courses are tailored to help you create content that's not only eye-catching but downright infectious.Join our community of fellow creators, share your ideas and let's make magic! CreatorU isn't just a course; it's your ticket to viral stardom and making content that puts a smile on everyone's face!

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Why Do I Need To Make Short Form Videos?

Well, to start, your can pump out short form videos at lightning speed, keeping your online game strong without breaking a sweat. But here's the kicker – short-form videos offer your brand a chance to get personal. It's like becoming that cool friend who's always got the freshest memes and shares a laugh with everyone. In the end, it's all about building a vibrant community and crafting an unforgettable experience!

You'll Build A Community!

We see short-form videos as more than just content; they're a means to build a vibrant community and earn your trust. Through engaging videos, we connect on a personal level, fostering relatability. When you engage, you become part of a community sharing common interests. We value user-generated content and transparent communication, aiming to provide valuable insights and emotional connections that make you feel valued. Our consistent messaging reinforces our commitment to authenticity and trust-building. Join us as we use short-form videos to bring our community closer and build lasting trust!

What If I've Never Made A Video Before?

We make short-form video creation accessible to everyone, even if you've never ventured into video production before. Our expertly designed curriculum empowers beginners to transform into pros by providing step-by-step guidance and hands-on training. Whether you're starting from scratch or have minimal experience, we'll walk you through the entire process, from crafting engaging content ideas to mastering editing techniques. By the end of our course, you'll not only have the skills but also the confidence to produce short-form videos that stand out in the digital landscape!

The best part?
You can start with less than $200 to generate a full-time income as a Creator

What you'll learn inside CreatorU

We're going to break down step by step how to:

  • How to come up with viral video ideas

  • How to write scripts and storyboard

  • How to shoot your videos

  • How to cast talent

  • How to find filming locations

  • How to pick the right cameras to shoot with

  • What camera equipment do you need?

  • Learn about camera settings

  • How to set up a content calendar

  • How to create strategic video ads that WIN BIG for brands

  • How to find sounds & what sounds to use

  • and so much MORE!!!

Get Full Access to CreatorU


Inside, You'll Get Access To:

  • The 6 Phase CreatorU Core Curriculum

  • The CreatorU Community

  • PDF Strategy Worksheets To Create Your 1st Video

  • A List Of Viral Hooks

  • All for only $197 One Time

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